The Most Popular Uses Professionals Are Employing Buzan’s iMindMap

by iMindMap

Hopefully by now you will have seen that Buzan’s iMindMap is a very powerful Mind Map software program.  With all of its capabilities you are able to replicate the hand drawn Mind Mapping process and take advantage of all that has to offer.  In addition you have the incredible potential offered by your computing power and the way it integrates with other software such as Microsoft Office.

With all of that in mind, what are you going to use Buzan’s  iMindMap for?

Well there are a myriad of uses you can put it to and it really depends on where your focus in life is.  There are personal applications, business applications and things you can do with it in education.

The place where this Mind Map software has been embraced the most and the reason there has been a surge in its use is in the professional and corporate world.

iMindMap has enabled busy professional people to increase their creativity, become as much as 20% more productive (according to one recent study) as well has generate improvements in a wide variety of thinking processes.

In this short video, we share with you the top 20 popular uses that Mind Map software, like Buzan’s iMindMap is being put to in the professional world.

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