iMindMap 4 Frequently Asked Questions

iMindMap Questions and Answers

Buzan’s iMindMap 4 is a very simple to install and easy to use Mind Map Software.  It has many features and many applications which means there are going to be lots of questions. This part of the iMindMap User site gathers these questions and answers them for you.

To find the answer to your question, just click on the question and you will be taken to a new page that will have what you are looking for, together with links to the relevant resources on the iMindMapUser site.

If you don’t find your particular question answered here, then pop it in the comments box at the foot of this page and we will endeavour to find the answer for you.

************ Our #1 Question*************

Where do I get the iMindMap download from?


How do I get started with creating my first map in iMindMap?

What can I use iMindMap for?

How Does iMindMap Benefit Students?

Why is it important to use color in my Mind Maps?

How Can I Use iMindMap for Presentations?

What Do The Terms Parent, Child and Sibling Mean?

Do I Need To Follow The Rules of Mind Mapping?

What Do I Get When I Download iMindMap?

How Can I Use Mind Mapping For Creativity?

What is the Red Spot and Blue Circle for at the End of a Branch?

What Are The Advantages of Mind Map Software?

Why Should I Use Images in My Mind Maps?

How Easy Is It To Add Images to My Mind Maps?

Questions Coming Soon…

How Do I Add New Branches to My Mind Maps?

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