What Can I Use iMindMap For?

This is a popular question and the glib answer is “just about everything”.  However that is the sort of Mind Mapping purists answer so here is an article that gives you an overview of the top 20 ways of using iMindMap (in order of popularity).  There is also a video on the most popular uses of Buzan’s iMindMap.

But let’s go back to that glib answer once again because there is a lot of truth in it.

The power of the Mind Map comes from the fact that it mirrors the way the brain thinks.  So whenever you have to think or organize your thoughts around a particular challenge or problem then if Mind Mapping is in tune with the way your brain works, it makes sense to use it – hence the rather glib answer.

It has practical applications in your personal life, your professional life, if you run a business or especially if you are involved in education in some way.  You might want to have a look at the area of our site where we explore each of these different iMindMap applications.

But just to give you some specifics here are just a few examples of what you could use iMindMap for (remember this list is far from exhaustive and will give you some ideas):

  • To do lists
  • Planning activities of any kind (holidays, parties, conferences)
  • Collating research
  • Managing projects
  • Developing presentations
  • Organizing the index system for your toenail clipping selection (just checking to see if are still with me – but you could use it for this)

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