Do I Need To Follow The Rules of Mind Mapping

This is one of those big bones of contention between the Mind Mapping Fundamentalists and those who just want to use the technique to improve the quality of their thinking.  The rules of Mind Mapping were drawn up by the brilliant Tony Buzan over a period of time as he sought out the best ways of taking notes during his studies.

They weren’t just thought up on a whim because it seemed like a good idea – no they evolved as he conducted his research.  At the time he didn’t know why some of the features were necessary, all he knew was that when certain things were in place, the Mind Map worked better than when they weren’t.  And so today we have the Mind Mapping rules to guide us to get the most from the approach.  Interestingly enough as there has been more and more research carried out on the brain, many of the rules can now be traced back to sound physiological and psychological reasoning.

So do you need to follow the rules?

Well there are two answers to this question.  The one you might expect is “YES, of course!” and it is that emphatic because we want you to get the most out of the technique and the purer your approach the better your results.  However there is an alternative view you might want to consider.

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