How Can I Use Mind Mapping For Creativity?

Mind Mapping is a very creative tool in its own right and when combined with other idea generation strategies, you will be able to come up with hundreds if not thousands of new ideas.  Of course most of them won’t work or will be difficult to implement for a variety of reasons but you only need 1 good idea to solve a problem or create a new business or develop a new product.

Mind Mapping for Creativity is very powerful approach to idea generation and very simply, here is how to use it for that:

1.   Define the problem you are going to solve in as much detail as you can and write it down.

2.   Define in clear terms the constraints the solution must take into account (eg budget, time, people involved, etc)

3.   Set a timer for 10 minutes

4.   Select the Speed Mind Map mode in iMindMap

5.  Start capturing ideas and keep adding new branches (the Speed Mode makes this very easy)

6.  Keep writing and generating ideas for the whole 10 minutes, even if you are generating garbage – just keep going.

7.  At the end of the 10 minutes, walk away and take a 10 minute break.

8.  Come back to your mind map and start organizing your ideas (not editing – KEEP EVERYTHING) into various categories.  As you do so capture any new ideas that come to mind

9.  Set yourself another 10 minute timer and repeat the process (steps 5-8) – do this as often as you need

10.  Let the ideas “ferment” in your mind overnight

11.  Repeat steps 3-9

When you do this you will have generated hundreds if not thousands of ideas.  What you now need to do is start processing them and sifting through them to find possible candidate solutions that solve your problem within the constraints you have defined.  This is a separate process altogether which we will cover elsewhere on this site.

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