What Are The Advantages of Mind Map Software?

We assume this question has a missing part which is –  “as opposed to Mind Mapping by Hand”.  Well there are a number of benefits of doing your Mind Maps on a computer and rather than go into them in great depth here, we suggest you read our post on the Advantages of Mind Map Software.

However just to whet your appetite a little, here are some of the more obvious benefits of Mind Maps created with software like iMindMap:

  • You can link to other files, folders and webpages
  • They are easy to save, print and copy
  • You can share them electronically with other people
  • In-built image libraries mean you don’t have to be able to draw (a common objection to the hand drawn variety)
  • You are not limited by the size of a piece of paper – you can create maps of any size you want.
  • Interfacing with popular software is possible allowing you to export your maps to other programs like the more popular word processing and project management software.

Now we want you to understand that hand drawn Mind Mapping does have its place and we do recommend you incorporate both into the way you work but starting to understand this powerful tool with software is a great place to start.

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