Why Should I Use Images in My Mind Maps?

This is another very good question.

Fundamentally there are three core reasons.

The first is that we think in pictures and so it make sense that when we process our thoughts and organize them, we should do so using images.

Secondly there is the old saying “A picture speaks a thousand words” and so we are introducing a degree of efficiency by capturing a lot of meaning in a single picture.

And finally, imagery and diagrams make the content represented by a Mind Map much more interesting and engaging and therefore more likely to be understood and remembered.

When using hand drawn Mind Maps, one of the biggest barriers to overcome is that they involve images and that as a map is “drawn” most people don’t bother with the technique because they think they can’t draw.

Fortunately with iMindMap, it has a huge library of images for you to call upon and if you want you can also add your own images stored on your computer so you don’t really need to be able to draw to very quickly add these all important graphics onto your Mind Map.

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