The Quickest Way To Add A Branch Image

by iMindMap

Perhaps one of the most powerful characteristics  of Mind Mapping is its use of images to represent ideas and concepts.  There are a number of reasons why this is such an important feature.

First of all as human beings we think in pictures.  Of course we can think about words and we communicate our thoughts and ideas in streams of words wrapped up in the syntax and grammar of our language, but ultimately those sentences are shaped around the ideas we see in our mind.

So when you start using Mind Maps, this is just one of the many reasons your thinking seems to take a performance leap – you are now using a tool that is more in tune with your inner software.

Another reason that images are useful is the old adage – “A picture speaks a thousand words”.  It is often far simpler and much quicker to illustrate something with a picture than it is to write about it.  This is another reason why using Mind Mapping creates such an efficiency in your thinking.

And finally, a liberal sprinkling of images around your Mind Map makes it far more engaging and interesting to look at.

So the addition of images is a vital part of the success of this great technique.

Sadly one of the barriers many people have when they encounter Mind Mapping is that because it is something that is “drawn” and because you have pictures on it and because most people are convinced they cannot draw, they reject the concept.

Fortunately the introduction of Mind Mapping software means it is very easy to add images to your maps.

iMindMap is no different and images can be added in just a few clicks of your mouse either from your own computer or from the extensive image library this software has.

Here is how to do it.

Step 1 – You start with the branch you want to add the image, suitably labelled with your key word.

Adding a Branch image step 1Step 2 – Click on the branch with your left mouse button to bring up the floating branch menu and click on the “add image” icon.

Adding a Branch image in iMindMap step 2This will bring up the image library.  You will see at the top of the image libray pane, iMindMap has automatically populated the search box with the name of the branch and will automatically bring up images related to that term.  If you just had a blank branch with no keyword, you would have to type in the image you were looking for manually.  This is a really useful time saving feature.

Adding a Branch image in iMindMap step 3

Step 3 – Select the image you want by clicking on it with your mouse.  You will see a blue rectangle appear around the image you have chosen.

Adding a Branch image in iMindMap step 3

Step 4 – Click the insert button at the bottom of the image library pane to add the image you have chosen to your branch.

Adding a Branch image in iMindMap step 4

Step 5 – Position and resize your image around its branch by clicking on it and dragging and dropping it exactly where you want it.  You can resize it by putting you mouse on the small white squares around the image and then dragging them until it is at the required size.

Adding a Branch image in iMindMap step 5That is how easy it is to add an image to your branch.  There are other ways to access the image library using the menu bar or drop down menus but this is the quickest way to do it.  Try out the other ways to find the one that is the easiest for you.  You will find that even though there are many different ways to add the image, you will end up sticking with just one or two ways of doing it.

If you would like to try this out for yourself, but don’t have the software then you can get a free iMindMap download by clicking on the link below.

imindmap download

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