Your First Mind Map Using iMindMap – Video Tutorial

by iMindMap

Getting started with creating your first Mind Map using iMindMap is very simple indeed and in this brief video tutorial, we will show you just how quickly and how easily you can get started.  You can also read an illustrated tutorial on how to do this in a post entitled “How to Start Your First Mind Map

The steps are really quite simple:

1.  Create a new Mind Map.

2.  Select your central image from the ones on offer (you can add your own but more of that in another video).

3.  Label your central image with a keyword or short phrase (though if you are going to be a Mind Mapping purist then it is just a keyword).

4.  Draw and label your first main branch.

5.  Draw and label any more detailed sub-branches (though the technical iMindMap term is “child” branch)

6.  Rinse and repeat.

Now you can add pictures to your Mind Map but we are not going to cover that in this post.  If you want do see a quick tutorial on the quickest wayto add a branch image then we do have articles and iMindMap videos elsewhere on our site that cover that.

So here is the video which is called:

Creating Your First Mind Map Using iMindMap

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