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In a previous post, I wrote about the extensive ways that iMindMap could be used by people in the workplace whether they work for a large company or indeed run their own business.  I gave a list of about 20 based on the most popular uses of Mind Map software but really the number of ways you can apply this software is really only limited by the range of thinking approaches you use.  You can read about some of these ways to use iMindMap here.

Now the beauty of Mind Mapping, and therefore of iMindMap, is that if you have to think then you are in a great position to take advantage of this powerful tool.

students can use iMindMap tooPerhaps one of the areas that the Mind Map has had the biggest impact is in education.  I have seen tremendous results when it has been used by students and similar results when it has been embraced by teachers – not only for their pupils but also for their own benefit too.

What I want to do here is share just a few of the ways that students can also benefit from using iMindMap.

Now Mind Mapping is a graphical based technique and one of the biggest hang ups about using it, is that most people believe they can’t draw and therefore they can’t use the Mind Map because it is something you “draw”.  Of course what most people don’t realise is that they can draw (they have just never been shown how) and that you don’t have to be a brilliant artist to add meaningful sketches to make the Mind Map work.

You don't need to draw to use Mind MappingSo here is probably the biggest benefit of using iMindMap with students (aside from the fact they will be using  and benefitting from a tremendously powerful thinking process) – it has a great library of images and icons that can easily be added to the map without the need to draw anything.  Now there is a very powerful Sketch Tool that will let the more adventurous add some of their personal artwork to their maps but not everyone will feel inclined to use that.

With the “I can’t draw” barrier to Mind Mapping bypassed, and with a really easy (and fun) to use software package, you have now opened the gateway for students to start raising their thinking game up a notch or two.

So how can students benefit from Mind Mapping?

Well what they get by using iMindMap is a process that forces them to think instead of mindlessly gathering content as traditional note taking tends to reinforce.  The approach of taking normal long hand notes means students will revert to the easiest path which is copying what they read.  They might not copy everything and be selective in which sentences they note down, but essentially it will still be a gathering and accumulation of other people’s content.

taking notesAs soon as students start using Mind Mapping, whether it is with iMindMap or not, they now have to think about what notes they have to take.  No longer given the lazy luxury of copying, they have to analyze the topic, summarize it, organize and then prioritize it – in essence they are seeking out the MEANING of it and recording their interpretation of that meaning – this is powerful stuff.

What will happen is that their memory and recall of the information they have just processed using Mind Mapping will be far superior than with other methods.  You will also find that their understanding and comprehension of the topic will be far higher because they have had to think about it rather than just gather information on it.

Perhaps one of the longer term benefits is that prolonged use of the technique starts to mould their thinking process so that whenever they think, it becomes natural to start to seek out the meaning of what they are encountering instead of just taking things at face value.

Another key area of benefit is that of creativity.

The Mind Map is structured in the same way that the brain naturally sorts and organizes its thoughts and memories.  So when you start brainstorming using this structure, your mind will produce many more ideas and much faster too as one association triggers another and another and so on.  This means a student who embraces Mind Mapping will literally sparkle with hundreds of creative thoughts.  And if they use iMindMap in its speed mode, it is very easy to capture those ideas for later processing.

The last key benefit that iMind Map will offer a student is that of organization.  It is a very powerful tool for planning, creating and managing to do lists as well as keeping track of all of the information they need to keep on top of.

Overall, the use of iMindMap is highly recommended  for students for the the impact it will have on their thinking, their creativity, their memory and their organization skills.  The most appropriate version of the software is iMindMap Elements and you can download a free trial by clicking on the link below.

iMindMap Download for Students

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