iMindMap iPad App – A More Detailed Review

by iMindMap

After the announcement that Buzan has just launched the iMindMap iPad App,  I just couldn’t resist taking a more detailed look at this great addition to what is a truly great piece of hardware.

So when you fire up iMindMap on the iPad you are presented with a very simple interface – one that is consistent with what we have come to expect from a good iPad App and one that allows you to use the software very easily.  By the way, I’d appreciate it if an iPad guru could point me in the right direction of whether I should call the iMindMap App “software” or not -I would hate to offend.

If you are already a seasoned iMindMap user then you will be very familiar with the operation of this outstanding Mind Map software.

It is very easy to create new maps, add and edit branches, add images, link to files, copy and paste ecetera so there is really nothing new there.  You still have the Speed Mind Mapping Mode and the core functionality of iMindMap.

However where this App really comes into its own is in the presentation mode.

Having the presentation mode in the the computer based versions of iMindMap was a huge success and I am convinced many average and below par presenters, trainers and speakers suddenly saw their presenting impact go through the roof.

Now with the iPad it gets even better.

Once you have created your mind map, added the notes and any images etc all you need to do now is plug your iPad into a screen or data projector using a VGA cable and switch on the presentation mode and you are ready to go.

On the screen, your audience will see your growing mind map as you work through your presentation.

On your iPad you will see simple forward or backward arrows AND any notes associated with that branch.

As a seaasoned presenter and ardent iMindMap enthusiast this is an absolute joy to use.

I think it is worth getting an iPad just for this.

So if you are into Mind Mapping and present a bit then you need to get an iPad and install the iMindMap iPad App because you will thank me for it.  If you don’t present and have never used Mind Mapping then you too need to invest in an iPad and also download the iMindMap iPad App because you too will thank me for it because you may suddenly find yourself creating and delivering some stunning presentations.

Let me know how you get on.

You can get the iPad App from the Apple Store by clicking on the banner below:

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