iMindMap How to Start Your First Mind Map

by iMindMap

Using iMindMap is very easy and once you have downloaded your free trial, you will be up and running and creating your first mind map in a matter of minutes by following this brief tutorial.

1.  Once you have downloaded and installed iMindMap, open up the software and then click on the “New” button at the top left hand side of the menu bar.

iMindMap New Map Button2.  Now that you have selected “New” iMindMap will then ask you to select your central image from its library and give it a title.  The screen it presents will look like this:

iMindMap central image

3. When you have done this you will be presented with the start of your Mind Map which is a labelled central image as you see here.  Now don’t worry, you can change both the image and the text later on if you decide to change your mind about either of them.

What you now want to do is draw your first main branch.  This is really easy to do and starts by you placing you mouse over the central image until you see this red dot appear.

iMindMap creating your first branch

4.  Now hold down your left mouse button and then drag your mouse in the direction of where you want your first branch to be so you get something like this:

iMindMap main branch5.   Now you need to label the branch (we will show you how to add images in another tutorial) and you do this first of all by double clicking on the branch so this text field appears:

imindmap naming your branch6.  When you press enter on your keyboard you will have completed naming the first branch of your first map in imindmap and it will look like this:

imindmap - your first name branch7.  Of course you will want to add more branches to your map so you just repeat the same process in the steps above.  But what happens when you want to add smaller branches onto your main branches to start adding detail and expanding your ideas?

Well the process is remarkably similar to what you have just done except to create a branch from a main branch you place your mouse over the end of the branch you want to extend until you get a red dot like this:

iMindMap - extending your branch8.  Then all you do is drag your mouse to where you want the new branch to be and then name it as appropriate.  You can very quickly add many branches to a main branch in this way:

iMindMap - adding more branches
So creating your first Mind Map in iMindMap is very easy indeed and you can be started in minutes.  So why not download your free trial of iMindMap right now so you can start benefitting from this powerful tool.

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