The Advantages of Mind Map Software

by iMindMap

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The development of computing and software technology has seen a tremendous spurt of growth in the applications that can now be carried out by our PCs or MACs.

Improvements in graphic handling capabilities, ever increasing processor speeds, larger memory storage capacity and greater efficiencies in software coding mean we are now seeing things being done on computers that only a few short years ago were just the dream of science fiction writers.

This possibly brings up the life mimicing art or art mimicing life argument but we think that is probably a bit too deep for a simple site dedicated to iMindMap.

But what we have seen in the Mind Map software world is better and better software functionality that are light years away from the clunky versions from just a few years ago.

Now of course this site is dedicated to the iMindMap Mind Map software because we think it is the best around for a variety of very good reasons but for this post we will try and stay a little bit impartial and just focus on the advantages of computer mind mapping generally.  We want you to appreciate the benefits of usingyour computer for Mind Mapping and whilst we’d rather you did that using iMindMap, on the grander scale of things if you started benefitting from this great technique with other software then we know that is a positive for you (the world will be a better place etc etc etc).

So what are the advantages of Mind Map Software?

Well we could go into the specifics of the different ways you apply Mind Mapping in all areas of your personal and professional lives but we will stick with some of the more generic benefits.  By the way if you want to have a look at some of the different iMindMap Applications in the areas of your personal life, your professional life, business and education, then check out that area of our site.

1.  Mind Mapping is very easy to do on a computer

There is no doubt about it, one of the biggest barriers to people getting started with “conventional” hand draawn Mind Maps is they think because they are “drawn” and they believe they can’t draw to save their lives, then they don’t even bother.  Using software a very colorful and artistic Mind Map, together with lots of little images, can be created with just a few clicks of your mouse.

2.  Computer generated Mind Maps are easy to edit

Another great advantage is the ease with which you can change and modify your new map.  When you do this by hand if you want to change it, often you have to re-draw the map which can take time.  On a PC or MAC, all you need to do is very simple cut and paste operations and you are done.  If you don’t like the color, change it.  If you don’t like the image you have used, change it.  It is all very simple to do.

3.  Use computing power to analyze and process your Mind Maps

A map that you have created electronically with Mind Map software is more than just a pretty graphic image.  It can contain numerical and written data that can managed and processed using computer technology.

4.  It is easy to share your Mind Maps

Create a Mind Map, write an email with an attachment, press send and you have shared your map – it is that easy.  Of course there are others way you can do this through collaborative tools but you can also use the presentation mode that a good Mind Map software will have (the iMindMap one is stunning!).

5.  Export you maps into other programs

This is a big advantage.  Office suite programs such as Microsoft Office, Open Office or iWork are tools of the trade for just about everyone.  Combine the great resources these programs have with the thinking benefits of using Mind Map software and you have a potent blend of processing power and thought technology.

6.  Keeping track of knowledge management

The explosion of information over the last few years has been staggering and it is going to accelerate as more and more people come online.  Using Mind Map software will help you keep track of all sorts of data because of the tremendous ability of being able to link to files, folders and web pages.

So overall there are some very potent advantages of using Mind Map software and as we said earlier, we highly recommend you at least try it out for yourself.  Once you find out how easy it is to use, and just how beneficial it will be for you, we know you will be hooked and will probably thank us for it. :-)

So download the free iMindMap trial right now and see for yourself.

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