Quick iMindMap Tip – The Difference Between Red and Blue

by iMindMap

iMindMap is a very easy Mind Map software to use and once you are up and running it will take you next to no time to find your way around this powerful Mind Mapping package.

Creating and moving branches couldn’t be simpler and there is a little trick you need to be aware of so you can do both of these functions quickly and easily with your mouse.

When you place your mouse over the end of a particular branch, you will find a red dot surrounded by a blue circle will appear.  If you do this on the central image, only the red dot will appear because by definition, the central image doesn’t need to move because it will always remain at the center.

This will look like this:

iMindMap creating and moving branches 1Now the red dot will allow you to create a new branch and the blue circle will allow you to move the branch.

How to Move an Existing Branch

This is very easy to do.  All you have to do is place your mouse on the blue ring, click and hold with your left mouse button and then drag the branch to wherever you want it to be.

You can use this to lengthen or shorten the branch or just move it to another part of your Mind Map.

When you do, you will see this:

iMindMap creating and moving branches 1How to Create a New Branch

Creating a new branch is just as simple by clicking, draggin and dropping, only this time you do that on the red spot.  Then all you need to do is drag your mouse to where you want the new branch to end.

This is a really powerful aspect of iMindMap and one that other Mind Map software just does not have and is where this tool sets itself apart.  By doing this you are getting a very kinesthetic feel of the creation of the branch in more or less the same way as you would if you were doing it on paper.

When you do this, it looks something like this:

iMindMap creating  branches So it really is as simple as that which is just one of the many reasons why iMindMap comes so highly recommended.  Not only is it probably the most powerful Mind Map software programs around, it is so very easy to use.

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