Why Using Color is Important in Your Mind Maps

by iMindMap

If you go back to the guidelines for Mind Mapping, you will see a very strong emphasis in the use of color when you generate your maps.

It is suggested that each main branch and subsequent sub-branches has its own color so that just looking at the branch structure of your Mind Map, it might look like this:

colored imindmap branches

So Why Is Using Color Important in Your Mind Maps

Well there are a number of key reasons that you should ensure you have color.  On a practical level the Mind Map suddenly becomes far more interesting to look at which means it is going to be more engaging and is far more likely to fulfil its intended purpose.  For example, compare the same Mind Map drawn in Black and White:

iMindMap in Black and White

As you can see the difference is staggering with the colored version very much more striking than the second version.  In fact technically speaking the above image is in greyscale which means there is still a distinction between the branches by the shade of grey.  If it were true black and white (or monochrome meaning a single color) it would be even more boring.

Another key reason why color is vital is that it stimulates the right side of the brain meaning the activity of Mind Mapping is a whole brain exercise.  This means far more of your brain is engaged in the thinking process which means more of your mind’s resources are brought to bear on whatever it is you are applying this technique to.  And the result of that is the quality of your thoughts together with their effectiveness will be vastly improved.

When you start looking at the map you create, you can also begin to see the benefits of using color.

Clearly when you look at a  Mind Map such as the one above, the different colored branches represent different aspects of the topic under consideration and so it allows you to differentiate between the individual topic themes.

Another way you can use color is for classification.   For example if you are going to be using Mind Maps to record the minutes of meetings then the red branch might always be used for action points.  Over time if you are consistent with this strategy when you look at the record of your previous meetings, you will know exactly where to look to see what was supposed to be done after each meeting.  This will create an efficiency that can be an important time saver.

And finally a real great benefit of having the different colored branches is that it is just one more thing that allows it to stand out in your memory which will assist in the recall of information.

So to summarize then, here are the reasons why you use color:

1.  It makes your mind maps far more interesting

2.  It stimulates more of your brain thus engaging more of your thinking resources

3.  Color allows you to differentiate between different themes in your topic

4.  You can use color to classify

5.  Colored Mind Maps stimulate the memory and are easier to recall.

Fortunately, iMindMap takes care of all of this for you and every time you generate a new main branch it will draw it in a new color for you which you can change later on if you so wish.  If you don’t have a copy of iMindMap then click on the button below here to download a free trial version and see for yourself how valuable this software will be for you.

imindmap download

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