Video – Adding Images To Your Mind Maps In iMindMap

by iMindMap

Using images in your Mind Maps is one of the fundamentals of Mind Mapping and using iMindMap, this is very easy to do.

The reason we use images is firstly, we think in pictures so it is only natural we should organize our thoughts in the same format.  Secondly, it is much easier to present information in a visual form so that it is more engaging, easier to understand and stays in the memory for far longer.

There are four sorts of image types in iMindMap:

  1. Branch Images
  2. Floating Images
  3. Sketches (using the sketch tool)
  4. Icons

In this short video I will show you how to easily add images to your branches and how to access the impressive in-built image library that has thousands of pictures you can use to illustrate your maps.  There is a very cool feature of the library that allows it to automatically select an appropriate image for your map which is described at around 2:13 in the video.

So press play on the video below to discover how to illustrate your mind maps or perhaps read our fully illustrated tutorial on The Quickest Way To Add a Branch Image.

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