Just Some of the Many Different Ways to Use iMindMap

by iMindMap

Mind Mapping in its purest form has many different applications which means iMindMap also has many things you can do with it.  There is a trite saying that I have just made up which goes along the lines of “if you can Mind Map it then you can iMindMap it!”.  I now claim copyright on that right now in case the Buzan marketing department jumps on that bandwagon :-)

One of the things you will here me rant on about time and time again on this iMindMap site is that the software is just a tool.  Be wary of becoming evangelical about it (like I must appear to be) because what you want is the benefits and rewards of using it, not the tool itself.

drillAs the saying goes, “You don’t buy a drill because you want  a drill, you buy a drill because you want a hole”.

It is the same with iMindMap – it is the results that you want and these come from the many different ways that it can be used.

A few years ago, a Mind Mapping software expert did a study into how people were using it and he identified the most popular uses which I have listed here for you.  Later on I will expand on these in other articles and other videos, but if you are coming to iMindMap for the first time and want to know what on earth you can use it for, then this list is a good place to start.

If there are any activities not on this list of “Things You Can Use iMindMap For” then please feel free to let me know how you are using it in the comments field at the end of this post.  By the way this list is in order of popularity.

  • To do lists
  • Preparing presentations
  • Taking notes
  • Solving problems
  • Planning projects
  • Making decisions
  • Knowledge management
  • Managing projects
  • Generating ideas
  • Writing
  • Strategic planning
  • Planning meetings
  • Group brainstorming
  • Life management/goal setting
  • Training/education
  • Business process mapping
  • Event planning
  • Carrying out research
  • Managing other lists
  • SWOT analysis
  • Creating websites
  • Competitive analysis
  • Journal/blog

This is far from a comprehensive list and is slightly skewed to the corporate environment but does give you a great insight into how other people use iMindMap and therefore how you can use it too.

The best thing to do is try it out for yourself with the amazing free trial offer and pretty soon you will be hooked.

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