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Video – Adding Images To Your Mind Maps In iMindMap

October 3, 2010

Using images in your Mind Maps is one of the fundamentals of Mind Mapping and using iMindMap, this is very easy to do. The reason we use images is firstly, we think in pictures so it is only natural we should organize our thoughts in the same format.  Secondly, it is much easier to present […]

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Your First Mind Map Using iMindMap – Video Tutorial

September 8, 2010

Getting started with creating your first Mind Map using iMindMap is very simple indeed and in this brief video tutorial, we will show you just how quickly and how easily you can get started.  You can also read an illustrated tutorial on how to do this in a post entitled “How to Start Your First […]

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Buzan’s iMindMap – A Quick Video Tour Around This Remarkable Mind Map Software

September 5, 2010

Tony Buzan’s iMindMap is quite a remarkable Mind Map software and the great thing about it is that you can “try before you buy” with their free 7 day trial iMindMap download. In this short video, we give you a quick run round the software so you can orientate yourself and get a good idea […]

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Quick iMindMap Tip – The Difference Between Red and Blue

September 5, 2010

iMindMap is a very easy Mind Map software to use and once you are up and running it will take you next to no time to find your way around this powerful Mind Mapping package. Creating and moving branches couldn’t be simpler and there is a little trick you need to be aware of so […]

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iMindMap for Presentations – Part 1

September 4, 2010

The ability to deliver impressive presentations is a skill that is held in high regard whether you are in business, working for a company or  involved in education.  To be able to communicate your ideas clearly, concisely and in a way that your audience appreciates, understands and ideally applauds is highly valued. iMindMap has a […]

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How Students Can Benefit From iMindMap

September 3, 2010

In a previous post, I wrote about the extensive ways that iMindMap could be used by people in the workplace whether they work for a large company or indeed run their own business.  I gave a list of about 20 based on the most popular uses of Mind Map software but really the number of […]

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iMindMap iPad App – A More Detailed Review

September 2, 2010

After the announcement that Buzan has just launched the iMindMap iPad App,  I just couldn’t resist taking a more detailed look at this great addition to what is a truly great piece of hardware. So when you fire up iMindMap on the iPad you are presented with a very simple interface – one that is […]

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Just Some of the Many Different Ways to Use iMindMap

August 31, 2010

Mind Mapping in its purest form has many different applications which means iMindMap also has many things you can do with it.  There is a trite saying that I have just made up which goes along the lines of “if you can Mind Map it then you can iMindMap it!”.  I now claim copyright on […]

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iMindMap How to Start Your First Mind Map

August 30, 2010

Using iMindMap is very easy and once you have downloaded your free trial, you will be up and running and creating your first mind map in a matter of minutes by following this brief tutorial. 1.  Once you have downloaded and installed iMindMap, open up the software and then click on the “New” button at […]

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Buzan’s iMindMap Follows The Rules Of Mind Mapping

August 24, 2010

Tony Buzan’s iMindMap Software is the only one that carries his official endorsement and that is because it is probably the only one that follows the rules of Mind Mapping as laid down in his many books. It is a great piece of software and in this short video I explain and demonstrate how Buzan’s […]

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